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Breed General Information

Greatdane Anatomy
Great Dane Club of America, Inc.
Great Dane Health Foundation of America, Inc.
The Great Dane Standard
How to Interview a Breeder
Adopting a Dane puppy
Great Dane Growth comparison charts
Buying a Puppy, Selecting a Breeder
Choosing a breeder
Buyer's Beware (Lots of links)
Buying a Dog Long-Distance
Animals in our hearts
(various links to help overcome your loss)
Danes on line
( excellent information site and breeders listings )
(information site and great dane graphics page)


Canine Inherited Disorders Database
Fatal Anesthesia Reaction in Dogs
Mar Vista Animal Medical Center
Comprehensive list of commonly used drugs
My Pet Drug
Rimadyl More Bad News
Senior Dog Web site
What Causes Growing Pains ?
Canine Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Resources
Linda Arndt's articles
(on growth and disorders of the great dane)
Medical Management of Osteoarthritis
OFA OFA Registry -- Hips, heart etc.
Penn Hip University of Pennsylvania
Relationship of Nutrition ,
(Skeletal Disease in Young Dogs)
PANO what it is
Bloat in Large Dogs
Dog owners guide to bloat
Bloat KILL's
Gastric Torsion in Dogs
Purdue University (bloat informational articles)
Renal Disease in Dogs
10 Warning Signs of Cancer (Great Site!)
Caring for Pets with Cancer
Pica Behavior in the Adult Dog
Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy
Canine Inherited Disorder Database: Cardio
Heart Problems Natural Support: Cardio
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgical
General Information, Survey -- Lots of links
CERF Canine Eye Registration Foundation
Horners syndrome
Animal CPR
(Information to provide CPR to your dog)
How to Bandage a Split Tail
Tail splinting
ASPCA Poison Control Center
FEMA Animals and Emergencies Site
First Aid with Homeopathic Treatments Human
Addisons Disease (links)
Dog Show Crud Mimics Parvo
Health Related articles
The Pet Center The Internet Pet Hospital
Doglogic (Great Information site !!)
Animal Disease
AKC Canine Health Foundation 1-888-682-9696
The Morris Animal Foundation
Institute for Genetic Disease Control in Dogs
Canine Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome
What is Lepto (Leptospirosis)
Lyme disease
 Pet Insurance  1-800-USA-PETS
DANE WORLD: Online Magazine
Dog Fancy Magazine
Epilepsy and Seizures Resource Page
Cancer fom Asbestos Exposure
Healing and support for animals.
Hero Dogs at 9/11
Gold Bead Implantation for Wobblers
Wobblers Syndrome there an alternative to surgery?
Great Dane breeders: (International)
Great Dane breeders: (North America)
Danes on Line
Hollywood Danes
Lymes Disease Tick-borne illness
(contains a massive collection of links to different dog parasites)
Plants Toxic to Animals
Poisonous Flowers & Plants
Vaccinations Too Many, Too Often?
Vaccine protocol Dr. Jean Dodd's vaccine schedule
Health Hazard of Routine Vaccination:
(Are they placing our animals at risk)
(Various articles on)

Breeders Contracts and Questionnaires

Graysondane Kennels
Puppy Buyer Questionnaire
(what to ask Puppy Buyers)
Breeding contract sample
Sample Contracts
Show/Pet Contracts
Stud Dog
( sample contract )

Pedigree Databases

Janie Pronto's database of Pedigrees and photos
Pedigree Generator Free pedigree generator
Quentessa's Pedigree database
(View and submit Great Dane pedigrees)
K-9 Ped Great dane pedigree search


All About BARF
Why we don't feed puppy food
to Great Dane Puppies
Facts about feeding Raw Meat
Dr Billinghurst's Barf World Site
Natural Nutrition information on the BARF diet
Whole Foods
Wendy Volhards Natural Diet
P.H.D. Natural diets
Great Dane feeding facts
National USDA Nutrient Web site
The Pet Project
Back to Basics
Dog Food Comparison Charts
Holistic Blend
Wellness, Old Mother Hubbard
Nutura Pet Products
(Makers of Innova, California Natural)
Red Barn Inc Natural diet in roll form
Solid Gold
(World's Leading Authority on Pet Care and Nutrition)
Essex Cottage farms

Training and Wellness

Animal Wellness
Interspecies telecommunication
Paws & Reflect
Talking With Animals
Animal Telepathy
Tellington Touch T-Touch
Clean Run Magazine
Agility Information
Senior Dog Web site
Pat Hastings' Puppy Evaluation Video
All About Puppies
Bond with Your Dog
Collar & Leash for a Pup
Crate Training for Pups
Helpful Puppy Training Hints
House Training Puppies
How Dogs Think
(A Non-Verbal Link to Canine Communication)
How to Teach a Puppy to Come, Wait and Follow you
Puppy Care and Training
Puppy Care, Training & More
Puppy Information Library
(from Dr. Pitcarins Dog Training Site)
Puppy Rearing Part One: (A Guide for New Owners)
Puppy Rearing Part Two: (Socialization)
Puppy Rearing Part Three: (New Puppy Training)
Your New Puppy helpful FAQ (from Cindy Tittle Moore)
Clicker Training
Confirmation Training Techniques
You be the Judge
(training your eye to proper Greatdane conformation )
All About Show Dogs and Dog Shows
The Dog Show Supersite
Great Dane Conformation Clinic

Helpful Great Dane books to read

A New Owner's Guide to Great Danes,
by Jill Swedlow
The Great Dane - Model of Nobility,
by Jill Swedlow
(This book is for the first time dane owner!)
Culture Clash,
by Jean Donaldson
Guide to Owning a Great Dane
by Garth Iorg
The Great Dane
by Anna Katherine Nicholas
Dr. Ackerman's Book of Great Danes
by Lowell Ackerman, DVM
Great Danes
by Diane McCarthy
Great Danes-A Complete Pet Owners Manual
by Joe Stahlkoppe
Veterinarians Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs
by Martin Zucker

Alternative Medicines

Alternative Meds AND Complementary Practices
Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy (referral list)
Alternative Medicine (search Engine)
Canine Genetics and Health links
Canine and Equine Touch Therapies
Four Winds Holistic Animal Services
Marina Zacharias Natural Rearing
Tellington Touch T-Touch
The Holistic Dog
ARK Naturals
Healthy Tek Inc:
(Pet and Human Nutritional Supplements)
Hip Health
Merritt Naturals
(Herbal vitamins, and supplements)
Nzymes Biopet, Inc Supplement
(enzymes and antioxidants)
(Probiotics, supplements, diet -- holistic)
Supplements & Probiotic Links

Genetics links

DDC (German Dane Club)
Color & Pattern Associated Disorders
E-Z Article on Coat Color Genetics
The Great Strip Tease (Cute Coat Color Article)
Theories about the Harlequin Variant
JP Yousha site
The Basics of Harlequin Breeding
Great Dane Rescue Inc.'s
(articles on Dane Related Coat Color & Problems)
Mantle Genetics
Harlequin Color & Pattern:
(Why the "fawnikin is here to stay)
The "Chocolate"(bb) Great Dane
The "Drapp" colored Dane
"White" Danes
Der Plattenhund: Piebald Danes
Danes_R-Us Photo Color Gallery
Color Gallery of Non-Standard Coat Color & Pattern
The Spotting Gene
Canine Diversity Project Genetics and Breeding
Institute for Genetic Disease Control

Great Dane Breed Clubs

CKC (Canadian Kennel Club)
AKC (American Kennel Club)
UKC (United Kingdom kennel Club)
Club Contact Informational Directory List
All Types of Dog Related info Extensive Links

Show Services

Jack Onofrio Dog Shows
Jim Rau Dog Shows
Take the Lead
(Organization formed to help Dog show people)

Breeding Topics

So, you want to breed your dog??
Know The Facts Before Breeding Your Dog
Cost of Breeding a Litter
More Costs of Breeding a Litter
Virtual Breeder
Stud info Get the facts
So You Want to be a Breeder?
The Responsible Breeder and Making a Difference
Breeding, Whelping & Rearing Pups famous FAQ's
Checklist for Dog Breeding
(steps to take before breeding your dog)
What is a breed? read before you breed
How to Build a Whelping Box
Whelping Items Checklist
Whelping Management Articles
Whelp Chart
Developement (Canine Pregnancy Calender)
Whelpwise (Monitor for whelping)
CAMELOT FARMS (on frozen Semen)
Herpes Virus in dogs
Pyometria Article on the alternative to surgery
Plasma for Neonates
(Management of Viral Diseases)
Breeding Reproduction Dr Hutchison's web site
Whelpwise (Home of The WhelpWise Service!)

Great dane Rescue & Rescue clubs

Danes In Distress ( Canada )
Daneline Great Dane Rescue
Great Dane Rescue UK
(Covering the UK)
Great Dane Assistance League
(Serving CO., NE., KS., OK., UT., MT., WY.)
Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League, Inc.
Great Dane Rescue of Ohio, Inc.
Great Dane Rescue of Riverside County
San Diego Great Dane Club Rescue (CA.)
Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue, Inc.
Great Dane Angel Network
( North Texas Rescue )
Great Dane Foundation
( Houston, Texas Area Rescue )
2nd Chance Great Dane Rescue
( San Diego County, CA )
Great Dane Rescue Inc.
( MI, OH, IN, IL, AL and Ontario, Canada )

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