Niobrara's Ive Got 2 B Tenacious

At Graysondane's


Armani De La Benjamine x London Von Gigantic Blau

Below are

Some of my favourite Tennah pictures, growing up

Busted stealing moms water bottle..



My 1st natural stack ..


Mmmm... whats up there ?

Waking up from a brain rest and recharge...


What Mom...

 I dont have Megans pink bunny off her bed ..honest engine !


No  mom.. I never even noticed that new remote,

Why are you even accusing me of even thinking that ?

Now this toys mine , right ?


Miss cutie pie.


Ok, Im almost sure that ALL of my big blue butt fit on this last week...


Woops.. I meant to do that nose dive looking for that stick !

Hold up Diesel .. I want that stick back..

Could you get a picture of this side too mom ?

My name is NOT , No Tennah .. and I'm just playing on the stairs for  the exercise..