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Sales Contract

1) The purpose of this contract is for specifying the conditions of which a Great Dane (hereafter called the puppy) is sold by Graysondane Kennels (hereafter referred to as the breeder).
 The puppy is identified as:
 Registered Name _____________________________________________________________
 Canadian Kennel Club (C.K.C.) Registration # _______________ Tattoo # _______________
 Date of birth _______________ Color _______________ Sex _______________
 Dam’s Registered Name ________________________________________________________
 Sire’s Registered Name ________________________________________________________
2) The puppy has been sold to:
 Name(s) ______________________________________________________ (hereafter called the buyer)
 Address _______________________________ City _______________________________
 Prov/State _______________________________ Postal code _______________________________
 Phone number _______________________________
3) The puppy is a purebred Great Dane and the pedigree is certified to be correct (to the best of the breeder’s knowledge) at the time of sale.

4) The puppy will be registered with the CKC and the registration papers shall be transferred into the buyer’s name at the earliest possible date once all conditions of sale are completed.

5) The purchase price of the puppy is (in Canadian funds) $____________________ for
 (circle one)   Show Potential     Non-Breeding    with these options ____________________________________________________________________________________

6) All the amounts mentioned in clause 5 are due and payable at the time of sale, which is defined as the date the breeder turns over possession of the puppy to the buyer.  Ownership of the puppy is deemed to pass at the time of transfer of the CKC registration papers to the buyer.

6a) Puppy is to be nutured by the age old 1 1/2 years old (and no later) , if puppy is NOT fixed at that age , seller has the right to remove pup from buyers possession , and no refund will be given

7) All shipping costs , vet bills ,and ear cropping are the responsibility of the buyer, and are not refundable.

8) The puppy is (to the best of the breeder’s knowledge) in good health at the time of sale.  However, at the option of the buyer and at the buyer’s expense, the puppy may be taken to a licensed veterinarian for a health examination within 5 working days from the date of sale to guarantee or refute the health of the puppy.  All our puppys come with 1st vaccines and a vet certification of health .

9) If, at the examination referred to in clause 8 or clauses 12, the puppy is found not to be in good health the puppy may be returned to the breeder for a replacement puppy, to be supplied within one year of the death of the 1st puppy.  (Said puppy will be of equal value only.)

10) If the breeder learns of any neglect, mistreatment or un-authorized home placement of the puppy the breeder reserves the right to repossess the puppy with no notice and the buyer will be responsible for all costs necessary to correct the problems caused by improper health care or neglect.  At the time of seizure this contract will be consider broken and all warranties become null and void.

11) The breeder guarantees against any genetic or congenital defect for 2 years, excepting hip dysplasia which is addressed in clause 12.

        a) Evidence of a genetic or congenital defect must be provided by a licensed veterinarian to the breeder then confirmed by the breeder’s veterinarian.

       b) If a genetic or congenital defect is confirmed please refer to clause 9.

12) With respect to hip dysplasia when the puppy is a mature adult between the ages of 2 and 2 1/2 years of age, at the option of the buyer and at the buyer’s expense, the buyer may have the hips X-rayed and sent to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (O.F.A.) for evaluation.

       a) If the hips are found to have dysplasia by the OFA for any reason, other than environmental causes, the buyer has the option outlined in clause 9.

13) In respect to non-breeding agreements all registration papers from the CKC will be kept in the possession of the breeder until a photocopy of a veterinarian certificate or receipt identifying the puppy, by means of the tattoo/microchip number, as being spayed/neutered has been received by the breeder.

      a) If the puppy is sold under a non-breeding contract the buyer may request the breeder lift the non-breeding restriction under certain circumstances.  Lifting of the non-breeding restriction is at the absolute discretion of the breeder.  The minimum time before considering lifting the restriction is 2 years of age and receiving an OFA clearance.  A signed contract as a breeding partner and adjusted price must be made prior to any breeding taking place.

14) The breeder makes no further warranties as to the health and well being of the puppy.

15) The buyer’s obligations are described in the following.  Failure to comply with all requirements shall be considered mistreatment and subject to clause 10 and/or all warranties become null and void.

        a) The puppy is a living creature and under no circumstances is it to be housed outdoors.  Appropriate indoor quarters will be provided.

       b) A fenced yard is required, with reasonable access to shelter away from the elements of nature that allows room to exercise.

       c) Tying the puppy on a leash, other than to walk the puppy, or letting the puppy run at large is strictly forbidden..

       d) It is mandatory to enroll your puppy in basic obedience and proof, by means of a receipt prior to the age of 6 months, must be given to the breeder.

      e) The puppy shall not be used in any type of experiments or experimental testing.

      f) The puppy shall not be used for dog fighting or in any combative sports.  Show training, guard dog training and other beneficial training for the puppy is not prevented by this clause.

     g) The puppy shall not be placed in extensive training until they are a minimum of 1 1/2 years to 2 years of age or is approved by a vet or the breeder..  (This is due to the bones being too soft during rapid growth stages.)

     h) It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to give all vaccinations, at their expense, and to keep the puppy on heartworm preventative for the minimum time of 2 years.  All vaccinations, heartworm administration vet certificates or receipts must be kept and produced at the breeder’s request.

16) If at any time the buyer is unable to look after the new puppy then it is to be brought back to the breeder.  It is absolutely forbidden to place the puppy with another home, unless the home has been approved by the breeder and this same contract is signed by the new owner.  All of the breeder’s puppies must be kept under the rules of this contract to ensure the best possible homes.

       16a) If any part of this contract is breached, buyer agrees to pay seller a monatary value of 10,000.00 for said breach of contract.

17) The breeder is selling the puppy to the buyer because they honestly believe that the buyer will provide a good home.  The breeder would be please to render any assistance and advice and would appreciate periodic updates on the progress and well being of the puppy.

I (we) ______________________________ of address ______________________________ in the Prov/State of ______________________________ and postal code ____________________ do hereby agree to abide by all the conditions of this contract and do know that this contract is legal and binding in a court of law.  I (we) understand that if the terms of this contract are not honored all warranties become null and void.
This contract will only be prosicutible by cival law, in the jurisdiction of the breeders location only and not the buyers location , unless it is agreed to wave this jurisdiction clause to the location of the buyer , by the seller/breeder only.
Dated _________________________
Buyer’s signature ______________________________
Co-buyer’s signature (if applicable) ______________________________
Breeder/seller’s signature __________________________